Coney Island is one of my places in New York to shoot. The people you come across feel like characters in a movie so I’m always entertained. It reminds me a lot of Venice Beach, which reminds me of home.

I challenged myself to only shoot with one camera and lens, so I chose my Mamiya 7 with the 65mm f/4. The lens is a lot wider and a bit slower than I’m used to, plus I’m still getting the hang of rangefinders, but the test was stimulating.

Two of my favorite photos happened at the end of the night when it was so dark that I had to push my film two stops. When I saw my negatives I could barely make out the images but once I scanned them, I realized it was just enough. The scans had a lot of dust but I decided to leave it because it looks almost like a starry sky. A perfect blue hour with a faux starry night - not a bad way to end my summer.