Last month while in Oaxaca, our friend Vera introduced us to Josefina and her family of weavers. Josefina immediately welcomed us in with open arms and between our translations and body language, we were able to piece together a bit of what goes into weaving and being a textile artisan. We met her mother Hermelinda (78 years old and has been weaving for 70 years), her daughter Gloria, and her husband Portefino. We were also told her father and a few other family members help out. It was the definition of a family business that has been passed on through generations.

Josefina and her mother then demonstrated the process of how they created their dyes all with natural materials and the tedious steps involved in prepping the materials to be woven. For example, using the base plus pomegranate creates a purple, but adding a little lime changes the color entirely. The brushing, spinning, and dying of the materials alone often takes at least two weeks.

I began to appreciate the value more once I learned about the process. Depending on the intricacy of the design, one textile can take anywhere from three weeks to a couple of months. It’s important to learn about the artistry, where things are from, who creates them, and the time and effort that goes into the items that you purchase. I left their house that day with a new rug made by Portefino himself and an expanded understanding of why it’s important to support artisans directly.


Shot some behind the scenes for Harmony Byrne’s latest video “Smoke Inside”, produced by Spoons’ Jim Eno. Also featured on Billboard!

Daydreaming in Cuba

Back from my second trip to Havana but this time, with three of my best friends. I think I’ll forever be in awe with the beautiful city, people and culture. Hopefully my DuoLingo Spanish-speaking skills will be a bit more fine tuned by the time I get to explore the rest of the country.

It was fun interchanging between the Contax G1 and the Pentax 67 - you can even see the difference in the types of photos shot with each camera. Still getting around to my digitals but thought I’d share some of the film shots.

P.S. Much love to our friends at Immerse Cuba for taking care of us, as always. If you want an authentic and trustworthy Cuban experience, be sure to hit them up. If you’re looking for more tips, check out my first post about Cuba where I put all my first-time mistakes on display.

Iceland Solo

To celebrate my partner’s birthday this year, I decided to do an Iceland Stopover that ended up in Amsterdam. Something popped up and he was unable to make it to Iceland so I ended up doing that part of the trip alone. It was my first time traveling to a country completely solo, not to mention it was my first time in Iceland, so I was excited and a little nervous - especially as a woman. However after doing a lot of research, I discovered that Iceland was ironically one of the best countries to travel to alone as a woman for my first time because of the low crime rate. This gave me some assurance but I still couldn’t quite prepare myself for the trip to come without first experiencing it.

Traveling alone means less of the human element in photos and more landscapes (besides the selfie-stickarians and the occasional bystander, which I took full advantage of from afar). I don’t often shoot landscapes but it was fun to get out of my comfort zone, plus Iceland provides the perfect mood and backdrops for anyone to feel inspired. This trip involved a lot of driving through vividly blue skies that lasted hours while listening to James Blake’s “Assume Form” (which dropped serendipitously while I was on my road trip south), staring at beautiful glaciers as they danced slowly in the water, feeling insignificantly small compared to the massive waterfalls, and I was even lucky enough to witness an aurora sky. It was a humbling reminder that this is Earth’s world and we just live in it.

Hypefest 2018

Documented the very first Hypefest for Hypebeast and Shopify, which took place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I must say, the BNY is probably one of my favorite locations in Brooklyn. Something about the smell of fish everywhere you go really humbles the fit pics.

Below are some BTS + portraits shot on expired Kodak Portra with a Mamiya 7.